Columbia Falls School District 6

Montana Common Core Standards (MCCS)

State and Local Curriculum Standards

The School District Six Curricula is made available on line for all educational partners in the Columbia Falls area-students, teachers, parents, and community members. SD6 curricula content is the result of a comprehensive, collaborative effort among all stakeholders in our educational process.

The MCCS provide a very specific content base for the areas of English Language Arts and Math. Specific content for all other subject areas is also added to MCCS through an integrated literacy model. This content is provided in detail on this website through state resources created by the Montana OPI.

In addition to the MCCS for literacy related to all subject areas, specific curriculum is provided through local and state content standards. Each local document contains the following standard sections:

Grade Level and Subject Level Content

Appendix A (Curriculum construction information and state standard alignment)

Montana State Content Standards (for related subject area)

If you have any questions regarding SD6 Curricula, please contact Mark McCord, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Phone: (406) 892-6550 ext. 1429